Father Jonathan Romanowski, FSSP to offer Solemn High Mass in Carmel, IN

CARMEL, INDIANA  June 19,  2008 – The first Solemn High Mass in forty years within the Carmel Deanery will be held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on Sunday, June 22nd at 2:00 PM.  A potluck will follow the Mass. Please bring a dish and your appetite.


This ancient Mass of St. Gregory the Great also called the Gregorian Mass, Traditional Latin Mass or Tridentine Mass will be offered by the newly ordained Father Jonathan Romanowski, FSSP.  Father Romanowski was ordained on May 30th by Darío Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos who is the president of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.  Father Romanowski is a fine product of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Denton, Nebraska.

St. Gregory the Great (540 AD – 604 AD) is also known as Gregory the Dialogist (Gregorios Dialogos) and Saint Pope Gregory in Eastern Orthodoxy because of the Dialogues he wrote.  He was the first of the Popes from a monastic background. Gregory is a Doctor of the Church and one of the four great Latin Fathers of the Church (the others being Ambrose, Augustine, and Jerome).  Of all popes, Gregory I had the most influence on the early medieval church.

                                         His Excellency, Bishop William Leo Higi

Under the continuing support of His Excellency, WIlliam Leo Higi, the Carmel Deanery lead by Father Theodore Rothrock and Una Voce Carmel has developed St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Carmel, Indiana to be the focal point for the Traditional Latin Masses in the deanery.   The Carmel Deanery has ten parishes in two counties which are the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana.  The deanery is comprised of 13,800 families.

 Father Christopher Roberts

The diocese through the deanery has supported our very own Father Christopher Roberts in his endeavor to master the Traditional Latin Mass.  Father Roberts attended the workshop at St. John Cantius in May and offered his first Mass at St. Ellizabeth Ann Seton in the deanery on June 1st.  

Father Roberts is offering semi-public Masses at Our Lady of Mt Carmel in Carmel, Indiana:

  • Friday, June 20th at 7am
  • Monday, June 23rd at 7am
  • Tuesday, June 24 at 7am
  • Tuesday, July 1 at 7am.

 Father Theodore Rothrock

Father Rothrock has provided three unique means of Catholic worship at the chapel in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish for the entire Carmel Deanery.  On every weekday, one can attend the Mass as per the 1970 Roman Missal.  Since May, 2005, on some Saturday late afternnons, one can attend the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom made possible by Father Sid Sidor from the Byzantine Rite parish, St. Athanasius in Indianapolis.  And on every Sunday late afternoon, one can assist Mass as per the 1962 Roman Missal offered by priests from The Institute of Christ the King, The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and Father Roberts from the deanery.     

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