Mass – 7/27

Another Sung Mass will be offered by Fr. DeKeyser this upcoming Sunday. We hope to see you there.

Brendan Dougherty – In Defense of Pope Benedict and the Latin Mass

An Article by Brendan Dougherty in The Week, which has this to say about the benefit’s of Benedict’s motu proprio: ” He also did a great service for culture and the arts, for the whole world — even for nonbelievers.”

MASS this SUNDAY (7/20)

The Traditional Latin Mass will be offered once again on a semi-regular basis in the Day Chapel of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Carmel, starting this Sunday, July 20th. Fr. Andrew DeKeyser, longtime chaplain to Una Voce Lafayette and currently on summer break from studying Canon Law in Rome, has kindly offered to say mass on those Sundays which he is available. Please be sure to give him a warm welcome and thank him for this inestimable grace being offered to us.

On another note, the Book Club will be meeting immediately after mass; venue to be determined. We will continue our discussion by reviewing the third section of St. Francis De Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life.

What’s Going On?

WHAT’S GOING ON Some of you may be wondering about the current situation of UV Carmel. Right now, we are in the process of finding priests who are available to offer any upcoming masses. Our main obstacle lies in finding a priest who not only knows how to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass, but hasn’t exceeded the number of masses allotted to be celebrated on a given Sunday – in our case, two. As you well may know, our local church, even our diocese, has been blessed recently with a growing number of priests who not only know, but venerate the Latin Mass. However, the current shortage of priests means that many of these priests have multiple masses to offer at their home parishes over the weekend, which means that many of the priests would have to trinate (or celebrate a third mass) if they were to offer for UV Carmel.   WHAT YOU CAN DO As we continue to look for priests with the rubrical competency and an open schedule, there are ways that you can help us out as well: 1) WRITE A LETTER TO THE BISHOP. Let Bishop Doherty in a letter know how much you appreciate the availability of the Latin Mass on a regular basis, and your sincerest hope that he will help perpetuate the Latin Mass into the future. An example of a letter you might right to His Grace can be found here. Be polite, be prayerful, be prolific. 2) TALK TO YOUR LOCAL PRIEST. Would your pastor, or another local priest, be willing to learn how to celebrate the Latin Mass? Write a letter to them expressing your desire; be sure to tell them that our community will be able to underwrite the expenses of learning to celebrate the mass. (There are many opportunities for learning the Latin Mass, from some of the workshops offered by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter and the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius, or more recently, the one-to-two day intensives offered by the producers of the EWTN television series Extraordinary Faith.) 3)PRAY. Certainly the most important efforts that can be made by our community right now center on an increased devotion to prayer. At some point in the near future, our group may be organizing a spiritual bouquet on behalf of the cause of our apostolate. Until then, listed below are some ejaculatory prayers from the Raccolta, which are beneficial to an increase in vocations:

O Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for us; obtain for us many and holy priests.
(300 days indulgence)
O Lord, grant unto Thy Church saintly priests and fervent religious.
(300 days indulgence)
Send forth, O Lord, laborers into Thy harvest.
Mitte, Domine, operarios in messem tuam
(500 days indulgence)
Finally, as we continue to pray for our community’s future, let us remember Christ’s words on the subject of persistence: Ever since John the Baptist’s time, the kingdom of heaven has opened to force; and the forceful are even now making it their prize (Matthew XI.12) Let us keep forceful in our desire for the Mass of All Time, our foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Happy Birthday, Summorum Pontificum!

Summorum Pontificum turns 7 today – that is, the motu proprio was released world-wide on this day. SP didn’t go into effect until September 14th of 2007, but Fr. Roberts will be celebrating High Mass for that Sunday at our regular time, so please be sure to join us!

In the meantime, here is a video from Juventutem DC saying “Thank You” to all those faithful clergy and laity who have made this possible. All of us in the St. John Bosco Latin Mass Community would like to extend our thanks to YOU as well.