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Sedes Vacantes

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Cardinal Canizares calls for Communion on tongue, kneeling

The prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship has strongly endorsed the practice of receiving Communion on the tongue, while kneeling. Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera told the Catholic News Agency that the traditional posture is a “sign of adoration that needs to be recovered.” When Catholics receive Communion while standing, they should show their reverence with a bow, the Spanish cardinal said; but in practice few people do that. He said: “I think the entire Church needs to receive Communion while kneeling.”

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Vatican investigating miracle attributed to Venerable Pius XII

Vatican City, Jan 18, 2010 / 02:40 pm (CNA).- The Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, confirmed over the telephone to CNA today that a “presumed miracle” attributed to Pope Pius XII is under investigation.  The case involves a patient cured of cancer in southern Italy.

Cardinal Saraiva was quick to caution, however, that there is a big difference between a “presumed” miracle and a “confirmed” miracle.

The case comes to the Congregation for Saints’ Causes from the town of Castellammare di Stabia near Naples, Italy.  “Some months ago,” the local Sorrento & Dintorni online publication reported on Sunday, a person was discovered to be cured of a form of cancer previously declared incurable after praying for the intercession of Pope Pius XII.

The doctors of the person, of whom no details are public, were unable to give a scientific explanation for the occurrence, according to the article.

According to the same news source, the story was confirmed by Fr. Carmine Giudici, Vicar General of the Diocese of Sorrento, who said, “It’s all true.”  Fr. Carmine said that the Holy See was in contact with the diocese after having been contacted by a local church-goer who says that he or she received a miracle “by the intercession of Pius XII.”

“The archbishop then decided to institute within days the appropriate diocesan tribunal.”

The existence of the possible miracle was confirmed to CNA by Cardinal Saraiva Martins on Monday afternoon.

The prefect emeritus also said that it is impossible to estimate the amount of time it might take for the process of confirmation to be carried out.

Pope considering limits on concelebration

Vatican, May. 22, 2008 ( – Pope Benedict XVI (bionews) plans to curtail the practice of organizing large-scale Eucharistic celebrations with hundreds of priests concelebrating the Mass, according to a report in Italy’s Panorama magazine.

Panorama reports that the Holy Father has directed the Congregation for Divine Worship to study the question and prepare appropriate instructions. His objective, the Italian journal says, is to eliminate the concelebration of Mass by hundreds of priests at a time, with many of them standing at a distance from the altar.

The Vatican has not commented on the Panorama report.

If the story is accurate, the new liturgical guidelines could bring significant changes in liturgical celebrations at which the Pope himself presides, such as Masses attended by tens of thousands of people at World Youth Day or during papal trips abroad.

New appointments point toward upgrade of Ecclesia Dei commission


Monsignor Camille Perl, VP of PCED 

Vatican, Mar. 13, 2008 ( – Pope Benedict XVI (bionews) has promoted two officials of the Ecclesia Dei Commmission, apparently upgrading the Vatican body that oversees pastoral provisions for traditionalist Catholics, The Pontiff named Msgr. Camille Perl, who has been the secretary of the Ecclesia Dei commission, as vice-president of the body. He announced that Msgr. Mario Marini, who has been “adjunct secretary,” will now hold the title of secretary. The Ecclesia Dei commission is charged with implementation of the motu proprio allowing broader access to the traditional Latin Mass. The new appointments appear to confirm reports that the Pope would extend the power of the commission, which will soon issue a new document clarifying the terms of Summorum Pontificum.

Vatican Secretary of State goes to Armenia despite unrest

cardinal-bertone.jpgVatican City, Mar 4, 2008 / 10:37 am (CNA).- Despite no sign of negotiations emerging in the Armenian post-election dispute, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, left this morning for the former Soviet country after delaying his departure by two days.
The cardinal’s itinerary will be altered to accommodate his shorter stay, but everything is on track for his March 6-9 visit to Azerbaijan.

During his stay in the neighboring country, Cardinal Bertone will meet Sheikh Allashukur Pashazade, head of Muslims in the Caucasus, and other religious leaders, to tell them of the Catholic Church’s desire to collaborate in the joint commitment to peace, harmony between peoples and the good of the human family.

In Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital city, “Cardinal Bertone will attend the inauguration of a new Catholic church built on land donated to Servant of God John Paul II by President Heydar Aliyev, father of the current head of State,” the Vatican’s press office reports.

New Encyclical Will Focus on Social Teaching

popeencyc.jpgVatican, Feb. 29, 2008 ( – Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, has confirmed reports that Pope Benedict XVI will soon release an encyclical on Catholic social teaching. Cardinal Bertone told the Italian daily La Repubblica that the Pope’s 3rd encyclical will deal with “international social problems, with special focus on developing nations.” The cardinal indicated that the papal encyclical will appear in the near future, but did not provide a date. Vatican-watchers have speculated that the document is likely to be released in March of early April. The first two encyclicals released by Pope Benedict, Deus Caritas Est and Spe Salvi, have been dedicated to the theological virtues, and the documents reflect the Pontiff’s own background as an academic theologian. In a story released earlier this month the French daily La Croix reported that the 3rd encyclical will be different, reflecting the “collective labor” of several different departments of the Vatican