A Boy and His Angel

A Boy and His Angel

By Samuel Mitchel, KC*HS 

Paperback, 100 pages

A Boy and His Angel

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This summer, I’m going to be a hero, Philip Connelly thought as he lay under a large maple tree on his parents’ farm. He thought that there had to be something he could do that would be important, and remembered by people everywhere, and for all time. But, what could it be? Would it happen this summer, and how would anyone know when he lived on a farm far from any large city? Philip is a teen growing up on a farm in Indiana. This summer will see him mature in many ways: physically, mentally and spiritually. When he was a small boy, Philip thought he could see an angel. But, that was some time ago, and during this period of change in his life, he’ll once again meet that angel! Join Philip as his angel shows him scenes from the lives of saints that parallel his life such as Augustine, Benedict, Scholastica, Catherine of Siena and others.

About the author: Samuel Mitchel is the secretary/treasurer of Una Voce Carmel, a member of the St. John Bosco Latin Mass Community and parishioner of Holy Rosary (Indianapolis). He is also a knight commander with star in the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. Sam, his wife Anne and children reside on a small farm in central Indiana.

St. John Bosco Speaker Series February 5

The St. John Bosco Latin Mass Community is happy to welcome Frs. Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP, Joseph Lee FSSP, and Roberto Cano FSSP on February 5th 2011 a.D.  Frs. Lee & Cano will take an in depth view on vocations.  They will give us a better understanding of the Theology of Vocation, the signs of a Vocation, the different Vocations in the Church,  how to foster vocations and how important those vocations are for a healthy Catholic society.  Father Pendergraft will be conducting a servers practicum open to father and sons who would like to learn  how to serve the Traditional Latin Mass and answer questions.  This is a great opportunity for any server experienced or novice to brush up on their server skills.

8:30 Confessions

9:00 Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Fr. Lee, FSSP Low Mass)

9:45 Breakfast & FSSP Vocations Video

10:15 Speaker Series & Practicum Begin

Noon– Light Lunch & Q & A

Everyone is invited to attend and please bring a friend.  The St. John Bosco Speaker series is free thanks to our generous benefactors and volunteers who make the speaker series possible.  Free will donations will be  accepted and will be used to help cover the cost of future speaker series events.  For more information please email us at uvcarmel@catholic.org.

Location & Directions:

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

410 S. Pearl Street

Cicero, Indiana (6 miles directly North of Noblesville)

Mary the Mother of God

On May 8th, 2010 a.D. the Saint John Bosco Latin Mass Community was proud to host Fr. Gregory Pendergraft, FSSP who conducted a practicum on “Mary the Mother of God” at Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church in Cicero, Indiana.  For more information on our upcoming Speaker Series please contact Una Voce Carmel’s President Scott Arbuckle at 317-581-0315.

Thanks once again to the Pastor of Sacred Heart Fr. Ketron for all his help and support, Fr. Gregory Pendergraft FSSP, benefactors and volunteers without your help the speaker series would of never become reality.   May God Reward You.

Speaker Series: Liturgy 101

St John Bosco Latin Mass Community Presents:


Speaker Series: Liturgy 101

This Saturday 10:00 AM

Father Roberto Cano, FSSP will present the topic, Liturgy 101 in three short presentations:

1. Theology of Worship

2. Operative Principals of the Traditional Roman Rite,

3. The Liturgical Yr/Liturgical Prayer

The morning will begin with Low Mass at 9:00 am and then the topic, Liturgy 101 at 10:00 am at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Cicero, IN (6 miles North of Noblesville)

Regular TLM in Lafayette, Indiana starting this Sunday


St Ann's Roman Catholic Church located in Lafayette, Indiana

Una Voce of Lafayette, Indiana
and the
St. Rita Latin Mass Community
are pleased to announce
that there will be a regularly scheduled
Traditional Latin Mass
on the fourth Sunday of each month
in the Lafayette Deanery.
The first Mass in the Extraordinary Form
will take place on:
Sunday, February 22, 2009
at 5:00 PM
at St. Ann Roman Catholic Church and Shrine.
Mass will be followed by a pot-luck dinner
in the Social Hall across the street.  Please join us!
Mass will be offered again on
Sunday, March 22 at 5:00 PM at St. Ann’s,
and every fourth Sunday thereafter.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

  A Traditional Latin Mass

Offered by

Fr. Andreas Hellmann

The Institute of Christ the King

 Sunday, April 20th, 2008 a.D.

Time: 5:00 pm
(Confessions prior to Mass)
St. Elizabeth Seton Roman Catholic Church
In the Day Chapel
10655 Haverstick Road
Carmel, IN 46033

There will be a potluck following the Mass.

For more information please call:

(317) 581-0315


Restoration of the Sacred: UPDATE


The restoration of Sts. Cecilia and Philomena are well on their way. As you can see by the photos, the sanctuary is almost completely done.  You will notice that the original oil painting of St. Philomena is gone but, Deo volente, it should be back before Easter fully restored to it’s orginal splendor.  All of the statues have been totally restored and there has been a beautiful addition of a gorgeous Sacred Heart Statue that takes the place of the one that was broken during the restoration process.  We will keep track of the progress as work continues. If you have questions about the location, Mass times, or want to see how you can help please contact Fr. Saguto at the Rectory 765-647-0310.

Ice and Cold Don’t Discourage Indiana Faithful

Elevation of the Sacred Blood

LAFAYETTE, Ind., Dec. 15, 2007 — Despite severe winter weather, Fr. Roberto Cano’s homecoming to St. Boniface on December 9 was a rousing success.

Braving a storm that left a layer of ice on sidewalks, trees and vehicles, over 650 Catholics attended the first Solemn High Mass in the traditional, now called extraordinary, form of the Roman rite in Lafayette, Indiana in forty years. And extraordinary it was.

Thanks to the generosity of Fr. Timothy Alkire, pastor of St. Boniface in Lafayette, Fr. Cano, FSSP, was able to celebrate the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, commonly referred to as the Latin Mass, in his home parish, just weeks after his ordination by Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.

“I’m very thankful to Father Alkire for his many years of support and inviting me to return to the parish to offer this Solemn Mass.” said Father Cano.

The large crowd, some traveling upwards to 100 miles in inclement weather, followed the ancient rite, parts of which date back to the time of the Apostles, from hand missals provided specifically for the occasion. The demographics of the crowd were mixed, from young couples with numberless children in tow to gray-haired women donning mantillas, a type of lace head covering which was common before the 1960s, and immigrant families of various ethnic backgrounds.

“It’s rewarding to see such a diverse group of people attending Mass together,” commented Michael Hughes, a Catholic who made the drive to Lafayette with his wife and four children from Noblesville, Indiana. “The Mass schedule in most parish bulletins seem to segregate the community’s worship based on age, the type of music they like or their native language. With the Latin Mass, we put aside our differences and gather to worship as one family, the way Catholics have done for centuries.”

68-70, O ye dews and hoar frosts, bless the Lord: praise and exalt him above all for ever. O ye frost and cold, bless the Lord: praise and exalt him above all for ever. O ye ice and snow, bless the Lord: praise and exalt him above all for ever.

Fr. Cano was ably assisted by four seminarians from Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, run by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right established by Pope John Paul II in 1988, to provide priests for those Catholics wishing to participate in the traditional liturgy of the Catholic church, as well as other forms of prayer and popular piety, that existed for centuries before the innovations of the 1960s and 70s.

Deacons Paul J. McCambridge and Dennis Gordon served as Deacon and Subdeacon, respectively, for the Mass, while Deacon Jonathan Romanoski sang Gregorian chant with the schola, which was led by seminarian Brian Austin. Deacons McCambridge, Gordon and Romanoski will be ordained to the priesthood next year in Lincoln, Nebraska. Also in attendance were a number of priests from the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana.

Over one hundred people attended the reception in the gymnasium of St. Boniface School afterwards, the majority of them availing themselves of the opportunity to receive a personal blessing, and a memento of his ordination, from Fr. Cano.

Also in attendance were the members of Una Voce Carmel, a lay organization dedicated to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite and to restoring the use of Latin, Gregorian Chant, sacred polyphony and sacred architecture in Catholic liturgy.