As to-day is not a day of fasting, there is no collecta previous to the stational procession, this procession being a rite of a distinctly penitential character, and therefore not in keeping with the Sunday festival.
     St. Peter’s is the ancient liturgical cathedral of the Roman Pontiffs, who repair there to officiate on all the great festivals, but the habitual seat, the normal residence of the Popes, is the Lateran, and for this reason the Basilica Salvatoris (St. John Lateran) can claim the title of Mother and Head of all the churches of the city and of the world.
     In the Mass for this Sunday great prominence is given to Psalm 90 that psalm which was quoted by Satan when tempting Our Lord. The faithful should contemplate with special devotion the mystery of Christ tempted in the desert, for there is no other which shows more clearly how the divine Providence makes even the wiles of the devil serve to our sanctification.
    Although the faithful have already been fasting for four days, it is only to-day that the Liturgy celebrates the beginning of Lent, for until this Sunday nothing has been changed either in the divine Office or in the Mass. The proper Preface and other prayers are now used and the Lenten forms are followed in the divine Office.