Ranjith to Colombo? Follow-up

H.E. Archbishop Ranjith

H.E. Archbishop Ranjith


Andrea Tornielli reports in his blog today that the nomination of Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, current Secretary of Divine Worship, as new Archbishop of Colombo, has been postponed due to the current illness of the Prefect of Divine Worship, Cardinal Cañizares Llovera (who is fully recovered from his ailment). Tornielli adds some important information:

“There are some who mention days or weeks [for the nomination], some even of some months. Certainly, some arm wrestling is taking place regarding the nomination of the new Secretary, considering the key role of that Dicastery in promoting reconciliation in the ‘battlefield’ of the liturgy and in trying to put forward that ‘reform of the reform’ hoped for many years ago by then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Cañizares, the former Archbishop of Toledo, nicknamed ‘the small Ratzinger’, wished that Ranjith would remain in Rome. And in the probable case that he does not succeed in keeping him, he would like as his number two a collaborator who follows the same line [of thought]. The only certainty is that it will be an Anglophone. But at this moment, it is useless to mention names (that do however exist), because the situation is in constant development.”

 Tip: our good friends at La Buhardilla del Jerónimo.



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