Quinquagesima Sunday


Quinquagesima Sunday

 Having assured ourselves by the stations at St. Lawrence and St. Paul on the two preceding Sundays of the patronage of these saints we go to-day to the Basilica of St. Peter and on next Sunday to that of the Holy Savior in order to commence with full confidence the holy cycle of penance.  On Wednesday of this week the Church begins the Lenten fast.

 In the Epistle, St. Paul attempts to raise a corner of the veil which hides the Eternal Love from the eyes of mortals.  God is the primary and immediate object of the precept of charity, as He is the final end to which the creature tends.  Nevertheless, the Apostle dwells rather upon His illuminative intercourse with men, in so far as they are created in His likeness and are the mystical members of Christ.

 The Gospel gives us the definite announcement of the approaching Passion of Our Lord.  The miracle of the blind man confirms the waving faith of the disciples.  Even the Apostles did not yet understand the mystery of the cross; how necessary, then, is it for us to meditate upon Christ crucified, lest we should fall in a mater of the highest moment, towards which the whole of our spiritual life should be directed – that is, the mystery of expiation through suffering.  


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