Wishing you a Blessed Christmas Season


Una Voce Carmel extends our most sincere thanks for your prayers and financial support through this past year. Through your help, we’ve been able to support the training of our very own Father Christopher Roberts and fund the cost required to bring us the following God Loving priests:

Further, with your help, we’ve been able to reach more people than ever with information and support for the Traditional Latin Mass throughout the Diocese of Lafayette.  Again, thanks to you, new Una Voce chapters have sprung up in key location like Muncie and Lafayette. We are looking forward to Kokomo in the coming year.

Also, five traditional Roman fiddle-back vestment sets are being made and will be delivered in the beginning of the New Year.  A beautiful altar cross and processional cross are just now arriving and beautiful altar linens, frontal, Infant King statue, server paten, thurible, aspergillia set and candles have been purchased.

Thank you for helping our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI bring to reality his motu proprio, Summorum Pontifium.  May God bless you during this Christmas Season and throughout the new year.christmas_garland_wreath02


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