Asperges Added to Sung Mass Starting Dec. 14th

180px-bc_st_ignatius_apse_window_3Una Voce Carmel is happy to report that we will begin to offer the Asperges Me, literally ‘Sprinkle Me”, starting on Sunday, December 14th, at 3 pm. Our choir and servers are feverishly preparing for the special ocasion which will include the proper incensations for the Extraordinary Form.

HH Benedict XVI

HH Benedict XVI

“The rite of sprinkling the congregation with holy water before the principal Mass on Sunday, so called from the words intoned at the beginning of the ceremony, taken from Psalm 1 sic[51(50)], throughout the year except at Easter-tide, when Vidi aquam, from Psalm 117, is intoned. It precedes every other ceremony that may take place before the Mass, such as the blessing of palms or of candles. It is performed by the celebrant priest wearing vestments of the liturgical colour of the day.” from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Una Voce has recently procured several items to continue to enrich and support our growing Latin Mass community including a thurible (censer), aspersorium (Holy Water vessel), aspergillium, and processional cross. These items will be used for the first time on Sunday, December 14th. Father Michael Maggiera, FSSP, will offer the Sung Mass.

May God bless our Choir, our servers, and all those who have contributed time and treasure in making this apostolate a resounding success.

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