Liturgical abuses according to Cardinal Cipriani Thorne invoke greater rigor

…and also the neocatechumens are adapting to the directives of the Church.

by Bruno Volpe from Vatican City

Translated by Una Voce Carmel’s Henri Amour.

Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (in the photo), Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, influential exponent of the Sacred College and of the Opus Dei, is one of the best experts of the Catholic Church in moral theology and liturgy. And specifically on the topic of the liturgy, so current these days, has gladly accepted to answer the questions from PETRUS 

Your Eminence, what is the true liturgy?

“I will be synthetic: it is the pure face of the Faith. Beyond the mere external aspect or the observance of formal rules, the liturgy is the Mystery of Christ, dead and Resurrected, celebrated with joy. Therefore, it is important to celebrate the Holy Mass with dignity and accuracy ; with a liturgy faithful to the canons of the Church, out of respect for Jesus. I appreciate, in such sense, the continuous reminders of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to respect the decor of the liturgy “.

In the last years, a concerning growing number of liturgical abuses were recorded. How can this negative trend be explained ?

“The idea of sin became lost, so that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was ill-treated and vilified by thought currents, also within the Church. It justified and tolerated everything, thereby creating a questionable dimension of circular and asembly gathering around the ceremony of the Eucharist. Subsequently, and I believe this is part of the mistakes of the roman Curia after Vatican II, a loosening occurred, above all as an interpretation of the Council. This situation urgently needs to be remedied ; I believe that the vertical dimension of the Eucharist is absolutely necessary for the faithful to comprehend the great gift of Christ. For sure, the faithfuls will only risk to scandalize and distance themselves with these so-called show-Masses in which are committed, in the name of freedom and creativity, all kind of nefariousness”

We come then to the manner of administering Communion…

“Even in this case, the ‘loosening’ of many priests has ridiculed, in the eyes of Catholics, the value of the Eucharist. Personally, I maintain that the best way to administer Communion is on the tongue, such that in my Diocese I have prohibited the Eucharist in the hand. In past Masses with huge attendance, we have found lost particles on the floor of the church.”

‘Petrus’ is taking care of the Neocatechumens: the path created admiration but also concerns and suspicions.

“I have no doubt that the intentions of the neocatechumens are praiseworthy and that they really seek God with warmth and joy. I think that a healthy dialog with them will occur and when it does it will be firm in the truth. Even the Vatican is trying to find a solution in order to approve the status. However, in the celebration of the Holy Mass by neocatechumens there are aspects that I absolutely do not share. I remind and reaffirm that the liturgy is unique and must be respected the same way by all. In summary, tolerance towards the neocatechumens yes, however it is the duty of the Church to recall them to the respect of the Eucharist”.


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