FSSP XXth Anniversary Pilgrimage

On October 18, 2008 the Fraternity will celebrate in Rome the twentieth anniversary of its canonical erection.  All the members and faithful are cordially invited to partake in this anniversary, either through prayer or if possible by attending, according to their pastoral and academic availability. 

Several groups have already formed in various countries. Further additions and precisions (e. g. location for Masses and meals) will be communicated to you in due course.

Already now however, the elements below offer a concrete schedule for those able to plan this pilgrimage to Rome.  It is understood that Americans are much less likely to attend in large numbers, due to the distance and time and costs involved.

Still, since many of the faithful do travel to Rome every year on pilgrimages, it would seem most fitting to seize this opportunity of the XXth anniversary, obviously spending longer time than only a week-end in Rome or Italy.

 Friday 17 October 2008:

6:30pm: Vespers

Saturday 18 October 2008:

11am: Pontifical High Mass offered by His Eminence
Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, President of the
Pontifical Ecclesia Dei Commission.

1pm: lunch with FSSP clergy and faithful; concluded with
a conference by the Superior General.

4pm: “Petrinian” mini pilgrimages to various places
(freely selected) linked with Apostle Saint Peter, our
Patron: St Peter in Chains Church, St Pudentiana
Basilica (originally Senator Pudens’ house, where St
Peter dwelt), Quo Vadis, Mamertina prison, Saint
Peter Basilica (cathedra, confession), guided by FSSP
priests and seminarians.

8pm: Fraternal supper for all FSSP confreres.

10:30pm-midnight: Adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament in thanksgiving for the FSSP.
If sufficient number of priests and seminarians
commit to it, adoration may possibly continue
overnight, with groups of faithful praying with us one
hour in turn.
Adoration will start with the renewal of incorporated
FSSP members’ commitment, and of the members’
of the Confraternity respectively.

Sunday 19 October 2008:

10:30am: Solemn (or Pontifical) High Mass

12 noon: Angelus with the Holy Father on St Peter’s

1pm: lunch (no general setting for this)

3pm: Benediction


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