The Traditional Latin Mass Overflows into the Narthex in Carmel, Indiana

St Elizabeth Ann Seton, Carmel, IN - Inaugural Traditional Latin Mass

What do you do when 152 people show up for the inaugural Sunday Traditional Latin Mass and you can only seat 98 people? Father Gerard Saguto, FSSP had no thoughts of sending anyone home and in the true spirit of Summorum Pontificum said “stack’em in”. They were able to fit another 13 seats in the packed day chapel and the remaining 41 people stood and sat in the narthex outside the entrance door.  Of course, the Hamilton County Fire Marshall has now issued an arrest warrant for Father Saguto.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Carmel, Indiana

Una Voce officers and board members designed and constructed portions of the altar onto an existing altar. A frontal cloth, gradines and tabernacle canopy were constructed from scratch and installed with no damage to the existing altar. Also, a dual communion rail with continuous kneelers was also built and set into place. Missals were printed and stapled together. Chapel veils were made and provided.

TLM St Elizabeth Ann Seton, Carmel, IN

Two young men, Masters Brown and Golightly, veteran altar servers came from Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Indianapolis to help. Several other attendees came from as far away as Alexandria, Muncie, Lafayette and Kokomo. The organist drove all the way from Metamora.

The beautiful organ music was provided by Maestro Christopher M. Sedlak.  The Maestro has held several music positions within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  Presently, he director of music at SS Philomena and Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church in Oak Forest, Indiana.   

After the Mass, a potluck was served and many people ate while making new acquaintances and many friends chatted.

Father Andreas Hellmann, Prior, Vice-Rector of Christ the King Shrine, Chicago, Illinois
The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

The next Traditional Latin Mass at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton will be on Sunday, April 20th at 5:00 pm. Offering the Mass will be Father Andreas Hellmann, Vice Rector of Christ the King Shrine in Chicago, Illinois from The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.  For more information or if you can help please call (317) 581-0315.

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