Two FSSP manned Parishes in Indiana Host Michael J. Matt

Father Michael Magiera, FSSP along with Holy Rosary parish and Father Gerard Saguto, FSSP along with St. Philomena & Cecilia parish will host Mr. Michael J. Matt, editor of THE REMNANT on Sunday, April 13.  Mr. Matt will speak from his book, GODS OF WASTLAND, Fifty Years of Rock and Roll. says:

This book is a frank discussion with Christian parents and teenagers.  It delves into the history, the attraction, the importance and the destructiveness of rock music – a destructiveness that drives children from their parents, families from their roots and society from God Himself. 

Having been a long-time fan of rock music and an amateur musician, Mr. Matt’s discussion provides invaluable insight into what’s wrong with rock music and how one goes about separating himself from it forever.  A great read for Christian teenagers everywhere!

Aside from editing the fortnightly, The Remnant Newspaper, Mr. Matt also gives lectures on cultural liberalism and the pop culture throughout the US and Canada. Mr. Matt lives with his wife and children in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Sunday, April 13th at 1:30 PM
     Holy Rosary Church
     520 Stevens St.
     Indianapolis, Indiana 46203 MAP


Sunday, April 13th at 6:00 PM
     Sts. Philomena and Cecilia
     16194 St. Mary’s Rd
     Brookville, IN 47012 Map



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