Indiana’s Bishop Higi is Faithful to Summorum Pontificum with FSSP Support


Bishop Higi tells Una Voce Carmel to Think Big

Carmel, Indiana  (March 20, 2008) – The Most Reverend William L. Higi, Bishop (above) of the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana is supporting a proposal initiated by Una Voce Carmel, a chapter of Una Voce America for a Traditional Latin Mass to be scheduled regularly on Sundays in the Carmel Deanery, Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana. 

The Carmel Deanery is over 40% of the diocese and includes northern suburbs of Indianapolis in Hamilton and Boone Counties.  In 2006, Hamilton County was the 18th fastest-growing county in the nation based on national census data.  Also, Hamilton is the most affluent county in Indiana and ranks in the top five in the United States.   


The first Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) will be offered by Father Gerard Saguto, FSSP, on Sunday, April 6th and subsequently, every other Sunday thereafter.  Father Saguto is pastor of S.S. Philomena & Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church located in Southeastern Indiana

Father Gerard Saguto, FSSP offering a Traditional Latin Mass

Current plans include expansion to include all Sundays and Holy Days starting June 1st.  At that time, Lafayette diocese’s Father Christopher Roberts, associate at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in Carmel, Indiana will alternate with Father Saguto on Sundays.  Father Roberts will complete his TLM training in the middle of May.


Father Christopher Roberts

The location of the Traditional Latin Mass will be the day chapel at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, 10655 Haverstick Road, Carmel, Indiana. 


The Father Theodore Rothrock was instrumental in helping to develop the proposal.  Father Rothrock holds the positions of:


Father Theodore Rothrock

The Una Voce Carmel Officers and board of governors attending a February 19thmeeting with Father Rothrock were later quoted as saying that ” Father rolled out the red carpet for the TLM”. 

However, this isn’t surprising considering that in May 2005, His Excellency, Bishop Higi and Father Rothrock helped St. Athanasius, an Indianapolis based Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Parish to established a Divine Liturgy at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish which was celebrated every Saturday for over two years. 

In September 2001, His Excellency Bishop Higi established a Traditional Latin Mass indult at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in the Muncie Deanery.  It continues to be celebrated on Tuesday evenings.


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