Restoration of the Sacred

By Bianca Cano

It all started when Father Gerard Saguto was named Administrator of Sts. Philomena and Cecilia Roman Catholic Church in Brookville, IN. A church that was closed by the Archdiocese was now reopened and put in the hands of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right for the formation and sanctification of priests in the framework of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite. This church consisted of a schoolhouse, cemetery, and a detached garage. In the nearly 3 years that the church has been reopened, many physical changes have been made in this Oratory devoted to the unchanged Traditional Latin Mass.

Now, with over 60 registered families, Father Saguto has received support from inside and outside of his Oratory. The major projects began with the conversion of the garage into a library. This library is now open for parishioners to check out Catholic books and videos. Upon completion of the library, work on the schoolhouse began with new windows, vinyl siding, and paint. A sidewalk and new gravel have also been added to improve parking for the growing community. In need of new windows, work on the steeple, and plaster work in the sanctuary, the church building is now the focus of restoration.


In remembrance of the days when families worked hard to build churches and gave what they could for the greater glory of God, Father Saguto is determined on keeping as much original as possible. The original windows are being restored and new storm windows have been put in place to reduce drafts. Work has also begun on the sanctuary and scaffoldings now surround the High Altar. Statues have been retouched and a member of the Oratory has touched up the side altars and communion rail in gold leaf. Plans are also set for work on the steeple in the spring.

In the midst of all the extensive restorations, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass remains unchanged. Father Saguto continues to offer daily Mass in the schoolhouse on weekdays and a Low Mass twice on Sundays. In anticipation, we all wait for the completion of this TRUE renovation. It is truly a blessing to witness our church being restored to its original beauty. Once unwanted and unneeded, this little country church has been adopted and made to glorify God in its original splendor. I believe the stained glass window above the entrance to Sts. Philomena and Cecilia Roman Catholic Church summarizes these projects best, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.



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